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Lokar Column Linkage

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I have a 65 that I converted from an L6/PG to a 350/TH350. My buddy is installing the Lokar column linkage (ACA-1800). He said that it is binding at the tranny rod end causing the tranny not to shift gears properly. Is there a trick to install this properly? Do you have to bend the rod at all get a proper fit?

If anybody has used this setup and has pictures, that would be very helpful. Thank you for your help. It is driving him crazy.
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Update: He said that he got the linkage adjusted properly, but the transmission will not stay in L1. He said there is a lot of play in the bottom of the column where the linkage connects that it is causing the column to move to the left when shifting. He said that the firewal seal is bad. Could this cause the play not allowing the trans to stay in L1?

Sorry for the noob questions. Not sure how to explain this all.

Any suggestions on how to change the seal? Do I need to remove the column and gear box to change it?
I am about to install the same part on my 63 Nova with a V8 350 and TH350 and column shift on a new CPP steering column. I will post my progress on my thread.

Did yours work out?
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