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leaf spring bushings

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Going over budget with body work and paint so the caltrac bars and split mono springs will have to wait till later.I need to replace original leaf spring bushings with new poly urethane or polygraphite ones . the original springs are mono leafs and the shackles need to be replaced also Does anybody know of a complete kit with shackles,spring bushings, spring pads and front eye bushings and bolts for front mount and budget friendly. I looked at summit and found several kits but they were all missing parts needed and if you bought all the kits needed you would have too many repeated's a 72 with 700r or if you have any suggestions thanks
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Look at Espo Springs and Things. You can buy individual pieces as you wish.

original springs will be re-used do the original T-bolts at the perch usually back off or should I be putting those on the parts list also?
unless you knocked out the Tee bolts they're serrated and pressed into the perch... they shouldn't be needed.

if you're not all that into originality i'd recommend 86ing them anyways and use U bolts... they're stronger. ;)

and i too recommend Espo... used 'em a few times and was always completely satisfied. ;)
I got a shackle set on eBay, I think they were from Hugger? Nice parts but the bolts were not quite long enough to install without a lot of struggling. I had to reuse two of the original bolts. The price was very reasonable.

While the bushings were good, I used Energy suspension bushings.

The t-bolts on my car were just loose, no serrations. I probably will swap them out for u-bolts, aside from strength, I think it just looks better.
I did the same thing with my 72. Replaced all rear with poly bushings. Found some new CE traction bars for $100 on Ebay. Shouldn't have no problem catching a 1.60ish 60' time. :yes::D:yes:
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