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Keeps burning up modules....why?

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Hey guys...

Long time no post. My '72 was rear-ended on I-5 November 20, 2008. It's been in and out of the shop since then for's been a LONGGGG ugly road! :(
...and no, I still don't have it back.

In the mean time, I threw a motor in the old pickup so I have something to drive. I have a problem, though! I've burned up three ignition modules (HEI) in the last 30 miles!!!

The first HEI distributor was a new pro-comp! JUNK!
I figured that was the problem, so after the first module burnt out I installed a NEW Accel "performance replacement" distributor along with the Accel performance coil and module...that lasted 30 mintes.

Module #3 lasted 25 miles and an hour of idling and tuning.

YES, I remembered the special grease on the module--this isn't my first rodeo!
The coil is getting a full 12 volts, even while cranking.
When the motor runs, it purrs like a kitten (GM goodwrench crate350 with 3,500miles on it).

I'm wondering if this is a grounding issue...???
I have a ground strap (1/4" wide) and a #4gauge wire grounding the motor to the frame, and several opthers from body to frame...#4 ga to the negative terminal on the battery.
Is this enough?

And ideas? Advice? Knowledge? Wisdom? Stabs in the dark? Anything?

I was broke before the accident, now I'm even more broke...and broken down!!!...and I can't afford to keep buying modules! HELP!!!
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If the tach terminal goes to ground it will take out the module. Check the wiring for any frayed areas that could ground out that circuit.
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