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Just another noob joining up...

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I was referred here by one of my customers so I damn well better join up!

Wish I had been around here sooner since my first car was a '64 Nova with a GEN1 331, GTO 4 speed and some 4.11 rear gears. Wish I could find that puppy because it made me a lot of money on the street!

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Welcome to the site,got any pics??
Sounds like a pretty nice combo you had there. So that car is gone? What are you in the market for now?

Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site,got any pics??
Boy - I wish.

Somewhere in the box of old race car stuff is a super 8 film of the car street racing but this was WAY before digital cameras...

Circa 1974-1975 :D
Welcome to the site Ed. What's your current project?
Welcome to Steves Ed. You gonna build a car around that cam you have pictured? Or do you already have a car? RICK
Thanks for the warm welcome guys -

Current agenda is to help customers with "their" projects. :D

Lately there's little time for anything around here though the wife wants her Corvette taken out of storage!
Welcome to the forum !!! Enjoy the site. :D

Aloha, Ric
TO SNS ED , :waving:


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Welcome to the site! Where are you located when not at "my house"?

A belated welcome to Steve's Nova Site!! Enjoy!

another noob joining up

Hi ED and welcome to a very good sight for the novas !! skinnydude
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