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So, I pulled the 350 because it was using lots of oil. I pulled everything out of the engine bay, battery and mount, wire harnesses, brake booster and m/c, wiper motor and reservoir and clutch linkage, so I could repaint the engine compartment. I remembered the clutch pedal squeaks and had not responded to WD40, so I removed the clutch and brake pedals.
Then I pulled the front seat to look at the floorboards where a patch was installed by some previous owner. the whole area needs to be replaced as there is another hole in the area and lots of thin metal. Then I pulled the rear seat to check the condition of the rest of the floor, and it is in pretty good shape, only a little surface rust on the passenger front seat side.
That lead to pulling the hood and front fenders because the hood had rust issues in the past and was not repaired properly and is coming back. That led to pulling the front fenders to replace the radiator support which is pushed back around the left headlight/regulator area.
When I pulled the front carpet there was moisture under the carpet from the heater. Pulled the heater and found the lower tube loose in the core. The heater is in pretty good shape, but needs to be blasted, painted and new seals installed. The firewall pad insulation is in sad shape and smells like a wet goat, so it is coming out. Out comes the steering column, which needs badly to be repainted. The Retrosounds radio has been acting up and needs to go back to the manufacturer and be checked out, so out it comes.
The wiring under the dash, courtesy of a previous owner was a mess, so, what the hell, out it came and also out came the instrument panel.
The subframe needs work where someone has pulled with chains or tow hooks, and needs to be blasted and painted.

So, after a lot of thought, I'm going to go ahead and strip it completely and do a frame off restoration.

Anyone know of a good shop to media blast and prime a body in the northern Indiana or southern Michigan?

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