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Is my alternator to blame?

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My Nova has had a history of dying batteries since I've owned it, but I thought that had been put to rest when I changed the alternator a couple weeks ago. I also got a new battery. There had been no issues with charge or starting the car until last night.

I'd noticed the volts were running a little low (11.66) but since nothing had changed in the car for two weeks and there hadn't been any problems I figured it might be the cheap multimeter. Last night driving home I noticed the voltmeter in the car reading 8 and I knew it was accurate, so I started to get a little worried. Then it dropped to about 1.5 and my lights got super dim.

So the car won't start now (obviously) and I'm getting really sick of dead batteries. Is this something wrong with my alternator or is there a short somewhere in the car that could be severely draining power?

I could use any help you can offer!
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Alternator or external voltage regulator if still using it.
You can go to your auto parts store or a battery shop and they can check it for you and let you know where the problem is,.They have never charged me anything to just check. Like above post says . regulator or a bad alt. Just cause it is new dosent make it good.
Good luck .
Don't forget the belt

Just a logical reminder......Check the belt tension. A slipping belt will cause problems, but usually they will squeal. Past experiences lead me to agree with the other above posters.:yes:
I went to Autozone (where I bought the remanufactured alternator) and had them test it. Sure enough the test showed that the voltage regulator was faulty. Got a new one, installed it, and went back to double check. That one read faulty too. The chances of getting to faulty alternators in a row is too low... what else could the problem be? I'm running at 13.46 volts.

Wiring harness?
It's at 13.46 charging volts now? RICK
It's at 13.46 charging volts now? RICK
That's the highest it'll go even when the engine is at 4000rpm
What the voltage at idle? 13.46 Is good.The alt. maxs out at 2,200 rpm. If the battery is fully charged the alt. won't charge as high.
What the voltage at idle? 14.3 Is good.The alt. maxs out at 2,200 rpm. If the battery is fully charged the alt. won't charge as high.
At idle mid 12s and after revving it stays at 13.46ish
Sounds like you have a good charging system now. If the battery has gone completely dead a few times or so you may want to have it load tested to see if it's going to hold a charge. Also check to if there are any draws in the system. RICK
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