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Hi Everyone,

I just bought a 63 Chevy II off eBay about a month ago. I used to mess around with cars a lot in my teens and twenties and then bought a house and got married, kids, etc.

Now, I'm finally at a place where I can play again. I got a fair deal on this car and it's fun the way it is, but I want to make it mine.

It's body and chassis is mostly stock.

407 small block, brodix heads and intake, howards cam 232/240 @ .050...
Hooker Fenderwell headers 2214HKR
700r4 Trans w/ 2800 stall
Factory 10 bolt 3.55 (open end... sucks)
CPP 4 wheel disc brakes
CPP Power steering conversion

That's the basics...

My goal is to upgrade the suspension. 2" drop... Undecided... church boys?
put 17" wheels on it
tie up the subframe
upgrade to a stronger rear diff

After that... I think it will be a solid driver. We'll see.

Right now the challenge seems to be the fenderwell headers and exhaust. They are blocking clearance for wider tires and subframe connectors. There are so many choices to consider with each option affecting the part next to it. I love the challenge, though.

I appreciate any help and I hope I can help out, too.

I included the Ebay photos in case anyone wants to take a look.



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