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Hello - George here. At 65 I am looking at my first classic - 63 SS Vert. I used to tune up and do only basics many years ago. I consider myself a newbie.
I have first dibs on a 63 SS Vert. It has the right trim/options, cowl plate has a Z, VIN starts with 30467W. What other sure fire way can I verify it is an SS. The seller seems like a great guy and I trust him, but the guy who sold him could have tricked him.

My biggest concern is the frame and pans. Seller says the rockers have been replaced(car repainted to), but said the pans and frame were good when rockers replaced. I read to look for sagging, door lines off and push at the corners of the car and look for the gaps of the doors to move/change.

I get my first look at the car in about 2 weeks. I've seen some good pics and discussed with owner in length. I'm prepping and any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - George .
If this is 5-6 figure buy, mite pay to have qualified person's opinion.
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