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Good luck. Fun car, and a lot of bling, one of the Novas with the most trim bling ever. Great advice here including rust being the big factor. There are a lot of places to look on these cars to find rust or evidence of rust repair. More than the floors, you want to look under the car at the inner rockers convertibles have that hardtops don't, the lower and upper cowl section, every part of the quarter panels at the seams and the lower portion of the b-post and the A-post. I would either bring several magnets from weak to strong, or I would invest in a 'paint thickness' device. These aren't necessary and can be expensive, but I've had to use one for work, and found a LOT of hidden damage on a car that was not supposed to be there. It very accurately gives paint thickness in thousandths of an inch, but some of these devices are very pricey. If you're finding anything over .100 inch, you can start to assume body putty, and perhaps even a lower number. I often just use a weak refrigerator magnet like a Rock Auto magnet to test.

Fun car, best of luck, and know that the condition of the body and either lack of rust or proper rust repair is the real value.
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