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I thought I'd post a tip up here for those that have a nasty red or any bad stain that you cannot seem to get out (this works for red stains that have been sitting a long time as well).
When detailing cars we use something called a Vapor Steamer to clean interiors, engine compartments, etc. It's just a steamer that lifts dirt and cleans without the use of any chemicals. Most people cannot afford a $1000-$2000 dollar steamer. Here is something you can use on a red stain.
Get a few plain white towels (hand drying,yo wash cloth, whatever u have). Get the towel damp, pull out your iron for ironing clothes. Turn it on, lay the towel down on the stain (make sure it's damp), hit the iron on top of the towel and even hit the steamer button a few times. Be sure not to leave it on too long or else it will get too hot and burn the towel and carpet or seat. The steam and heat will actually lift the dirt and stain up into the damp towel and the steam actually kills any bacteria or mold in the carpet without the use of chemicals. Keep turning the towel as it turns red until the stain is gone.
You can vaccume and put some carpet cleaner on the stain first to let it sit which will help lift the dirt/stain.
Hope this helps!
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