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A very nice looking 1965 Nova SS. The terrible cowl tag picture shows an 08 body build date, which is August, 1964, but I can't make out the week. My info says 1965 Chevy IIs started production August 21, 1964, which would make the week C, D, or E. In any event, it's a very early '65 build, as also indicated by the low Fisher Body sequence number. We are also led to believe that early '65 production had round VIN plate rivets and they were changed to rosette around mid year. This one has rosettes:confused:.

The tag also substantiates the black bucket seat interior, but the paint code, which is also difficult to see, looks like WW, which is Glacier Grey, an SS only color in '65. The VIN plate pic also appears to show some light colored paint around the edges. If this is correct, they screwed up by painting the car black. Has anybody ever seen a Glacier Grey 1965 Super Sport? Also interesting that there are no V/8 emblems on the front fenders. This car should have 283 over crossed flags.

Many questions, but a great looking '65 SS with all the rare trim and even correct '65 console and SS wheel covers.

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