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Instrument Panel connector *help*

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Ok, i just purchased the correct insturment panel from ebay for my car. I pulled apart the dash and removed the aftermarket autometer setup that was in its' place. Then figured out i have a problem, the harness that plugs into the cluster (10 wires) has been cut off. The common with connector is still there but the previous owner cut the main harness off. So here is my main delema i can "hot wire" those on to the board but dont want to at all. The main problem is i can't find the connector anywhere for sale without buying a $600 kit that i don't need. The other problem is that even if i get the connector i can't find a wiring schmatic.

Does anyone know if i can get it, also can anyone provide a schematic or picture of their harness so if i get the connector i can wire it up.

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like it is time to go shopping at your friendly wrecking yard to get what you need.
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