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Installing new power steering box issues...

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Hey guys,
I'm in the process of installing a new power steering gearbox in my Nova. I already got the old one out and i'm trying to get the new one in. I'm still on the first step of installing the input shaft into the steering column (I think the part is called the steering coupler).

Anyway, I can't get the input shaft on the gearbox inserted into the coupler! I'm trying to line the splines up but I'm struggling. I'm working on it in my garage, so I just have the car jacked up and I'm lying on my back trying to do all this. Meanwhile, I'm trying to hold up a 35 pound part 8" from my face....Is there an easy way to get this thing inserted?? The old one was a pain to get out. I had to keep prying at it with a screw driver, but it eventually came out. Can I load the shaft with grease? It's the weight of this thing that it gettin' me....if it weighed 2 pounds, no problem. I'm not the strongest guy around! :D It's only me working on the thing so two people would greatly help :bored: I might just have to get a friend over...
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Well guys, you'll probably want to hit me upside the head, but I figured it out......just take the coupler off, and put it on out from under the car :eek: There would have been no way to slide that input shaft on from underneath. I had to tap it on with a hammer, then tighten the pinch bolt. Once I got it on, I ran into another problem. The bolt holes holding it to the frame weren't lining up. The gearbox was hitting the header. I noticed the old one had some metal grinded away, so I had to do the same to the new one. I just got done flushing the system. I'm about to reconnect the hoses and see how she runs (knock on wood!).
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