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Inline engine decisions...

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I'm in the process of purchasing parts to put the engine back together. I've got everything except the intake and exhaust manifolds. I've already ruled out the 4 barrel and stock intakes. I wanted something a little more unique so I'm trying to decide between the Offy 2x1 barrel or the offy 3x1. I'm not looking for power from this little 194, just some style.

I just can't decide between the 2 or 3 carbs. Does anyone have any images or advice?

Most likely I'm going to go with Stovebolt's cast iron headers over the stock manifold. I like the retro look.
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I don't have any input on this, but here are some pics of some 'unique' setups :D

Langdon's carter/webber 2x2 setup

offy with stovebolt headers (what I'm doing)

next two aren't novas, but...

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