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Inline engine decisions...

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I'm in the process of purchasing parts to put the engine back together. I've got everything except the intake and exhaust manifolds. I've already ruled out the 4 barrel and stock intakes. I wanted something a little more unique so I'm trying to decide between the Offy 2x1 barrel or the offy 3x1. I'm not looking for power from this little 194, just some style.

I just can't decide between the 2 or 3 carbs. Does anyone have any images or advice?

Most likely I'm going to go with Stovebolt's cast iron headers over the stock manifold. I like the retro look.
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I ran two deuces back in the day (mid-1980s). It was a little difficult to time both carbs, but if I knew what I was doing back then, it would have probably worked much better. The switch to the 4bbl carb turned out great for me - my fuel mileage went up quite a bit, which was important to me at the time since the car was my daily driver back and forth between the Central Valley and San Jose, CA (about 90 miles one way).
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