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In Dash Tach Repair

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Per the moderator....

I would love to know who could repair my original in dash tach? It died years ago and I have a tach on the column as a replacement. I hate to yank out the original cluster and send to who knows where for repair unless it can be repaired.
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I found this place you could give him a call.
They did some work for me and they did a great job and repaired a faceplate that UPS damaged at no charge. Very good work and great customer service.
I believe all tachs can be repaired. Remember to tell the repairman what number of cylinders its for.
Many thanks for the info !! As soon as the weather gets cold and the Nova is hibernating I'll get the tach fixed.
I second redline, they restored the cluster in my 69 gmc and done a great job.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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