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I'm getting closer!!!

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I think the running hot problem that I have been having is due to the March pulleys that I'm running. Cooling system was pressure checked and a leak down test was done on the block all checked out good. I have read the other threads on here about the under drive pulleys. Being I am running high flow water pump and high flow thermostat, I think I'm flowing too quickly. I currently have the high flow water pulley system on the car.( 6 rib serp). If anyone here has an underdrive pulley 6 rib that would like to trade? These pulleys are only 2 months old. I'm going to put the old v belt pulleys on and see if my temps come back down.

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Under drive pulleys are great if your running high rpms mostly.
I had them also and just changed the crank pulley to match the water pump pulley ( 1:1 ratio) helped a bunch for town crisin!!!
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