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alright i'll play

Vegas Mike

my name is Michael, despite the screen name i don't live in vegas.
i'm 29, lived in san diego my whole life except for 2005-2007 i lived in vegas.
i have a wife (Bethany) and a 15month old daughter (Bella)
been with my wife for 12 years, only married for 2.
i currently have 2 cars, neither run...
a 98 civic that i bought new in 1998. i blew up the engine street racing, against my wife :turn:

no longer street race :no: it's not good.
i also have a 65 nova that i bought a few months ago.

i like to do outdoors stuff. hiking, backpacking, camping(tent), rock climbing, surfing, long walks on the beach and watching sunsets :cool:
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