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Idler arm on wrong? 1st Gen...

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OK I went to go make some downtubes for the sanderson headers on my 62' and something doesn't look right. There's no room that I see to run the downtube through. Can you see anything installed wrong in my pics? With the wheel at full lock and the way everything's installed now, there's no room for the downtube. Do I have the idler arm installed wrong? The idler arm installed as it is in the pics hits the downtube at about 3/4 through the steering range. What am I not seeing? I must be REALLY tired cause I'm not making sense of it. Thanks!

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Thanks Johnny. I wound up notching the corner of the aluminum starter block and it looks like everything will clear fine now...TIGHT clearance but looks OK so far... :pray::horse:
had the same problem putting header on my 6. had to pie cut header to angle it up just abit. Man, The bottom of your car is cleaner than the top of mine.
Here is how a 64 I recently worked on is routed,it was done by a local muffler shop.he was not happy with how little room he had to work with.These are the Sanderson shorties

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Thanks for the replies buds...Thanks for those pics too, glad I'm not the only one that found it frustrating.
Isn't the idler arm supposed to curve like the arms pictured in the first photo of the gallery that Flyer posted? That would keep it away from the exhaust; does this vary by manufacturer? From the photos it looks like the idler is longer than the pitman arm, aren't they supposed to be the same length? Could the wrong arm be installed on a first gen bracket? Or should I shut up and quit causing trouble?
I am not sure what the deal was but some were straight and some were curved.Center to center was the same.maybe year difference or P/S versus non P/S
I think the curved ones are for power steering but can be used on both p/s and non/ps applications, not entirely sure, but I think that's it. No worries though I built the downtubes last week and they worked out great, just have to finish weld them Monday and I'll be good to go. Thanks for all you guys' help!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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