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Hurst shifter rebuild?

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I tried searching but didn't find exactly what I was looking for on the subject. I bought a used hurst competition plus shifter. I set it up in my vise to bench test it and noticed a few things. First off, the center roll pin/shaft seems to have a little play in it when shifting. Not alot but you can definitely see it move. Is this normal? Also I can't seem to get it to engage reverse. 1-2 and 3-4 work very smooth but can't get reverse. It seems something is holding it up the reverse lock out. Should I spend the time and money rebuilding it for peace of mind? Other than not being to get into reverse it moves freely and smooth.
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As I recall your fighting a spring to get into reverse(lock out) maybe the vise is restricting movement some how
I have a friend who rebuild Hurst shifters professionally.
Call Scott at Atlantic Speed in Fort Mill, SC. Number is 803-548-6991. He has an 800 number, but I don't know it because it is local for me.
He has been at this for a long time, has lots of parts and is very good.
I got it to engage reverse. It seems like it just needs a good lube. I think I'm going to rebuild it before I put it all back together. What does a rebuild kit cost for these things and where to buy?
i bought a shim kit for one of my Hurst shifters off of Ebay. the hardest part will be removing the center bushing the upper 7/16" bolt slides through... it is larger diameter at one end and splined. it's pressed into the body and does not drive through, it needs to be pulled back out...

here's the Ebay seller & a kit they have up for auction.

here's a three speed Hurst i disassembled & cleaned for Jonesy/Nightshade...

if the shims aren't bad or worn i'd spray clean with brake klean and lube...

hope i helped...
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Thanks Flyer! I am aware of removing the center pin/bushing. How can you tell if the shims are worn? What should I look for on them? Grooves? holes?
well when it's pulled down and cleaned up you can see & feel the wear on the shims...

the shims are shiny anyways but when they're worn they'll be polished so to speak from wear. you'll notice the difference in color and if worn excessively you should probably be able to feel it...
I got the shifter apart and was wondering if it is a good idea to repaint the levers and housing or just clean, lube, and put back together.
any paint on a wearable surface will do just that... wear.

paint items where they won't contact... fine. ;)
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