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Well, after much delay since last posting pics, here are some right before it went to paint Saturday morning. It has so far undergone major disassembly (less than 25 bolts remain un touched!), filled about 60 holes under the hood, installed both front floorpans, both qtr. patch panels, fabbed a metal mount for an Optima Billet Battery holder in the trunk, re-routed the heater hoses outside the fenderwell, flattened radiator support, installed Vintage Air heater/defrost combo and moved the springs in and installed a 1991 S-10 rear diff with 3.08 and Auburn Posi. The engine is to be a 283 with a TH-350 trans with a Lokar floorshift. Its going to be Bright White with Silver-Blue Ultra Leather interior. Hope you enjoy the pics.......

Early disassembly

Firewall and underhood smoothed

Floor Pans Installed

Qtr. Patches and Trunk Floor installed

Battery Mount in the trunk for Optima

Heater Hoses coming through inner fender

Trans Tunnell modifications for Lokar floor shifter

S-10 diff with 15x7 Torq Thrust II's

Putting her on the roll back to go to paint....

More pics coming soon!!!!
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