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How to install mechanical oil pressure gauge?

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First off i just want to say this site is awesome and ive been coming here the last few days for answers to all my questions! I'm finally allowed to post and it happened just in time cuz i cant find the answer to my question anywhere.

Ive wanted a nova for as long as i can remember and 2 days ago i finally got my hands on a 1969 2 door nova with a 350! Ive been workin on it nonstop and ive ran into a small snag. Appartently the guy i bought it off of never had oil in it cuz as soon as i changed the oil and turned it on, the oil pressure burst the line on the mechanical oil pressure gauge... so i bought a new line with the proper fittings.

My question is, how does the line lock into the fitting? Theres a small brass cone in the fitting that i assume is there to lock the line. But the line kinda just sits in there and i can pull it out. Does the line expand or something when there's actual oil pressure going through it?
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Hopefully you have a ferrell - your brass doughnut- a brass nut with a hole in it and and a gauge. First, slide the brass nut over the copper tube; next slide the ferrell over the copper tube. Now insert the copper tube into the back of the gauge into the the center of the threaded stud. Keep the copper tube securely in the gauge and slide the brass nut up on to the threads - this will pull ferrell into position. Start tightening the brass nut by hand until it starts to snug up. Ensure the copper tube is still inserted all the way into the gauge. Now the important part - start tightening the brass nut down to crush the ferrell against the copper tube - DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!!! The ferrel will compress and seal the copper tube to the gauge.
Awesome, thank you very much! The tubing that came with the kit is plastic but i assume the process is the same.
I would upgrade to an steel braided line. More money but worth the piece of mind.:2cents:
^^^X2 Braided line is definitely the way to go! Those nylon lines can kink and spring leaks.

And Welcome to SNS =)
All my gauges are electric except oil. If I could do things over I'd use electric gauge and sender for oil as well. Why bring hot oil into your car?
I use the upgraded Copper line kit. Do not trust the plastic ones too much
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