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How to get Registered in Ontario

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Hi guys,

I will be bringing my 72 Nova from Quebec to Ontario.
I understand that to register it, I need a proof of insurance, a safety check and some paperwork proving this is my car.
I am less clear about the emission test. On the website, it is said that vehicles manufactured before 1987 are exempts but someone helping me with my paperwork told me I had to get it.

What's your call/experience?

I am still restoring my car (slowly)... I am not sure it will pass the safety/will be drivable before long. Does it still need to be insured/registered?

Bonus question... How do you get your car to the inspection check if it's not registered?

Thanks for your insights.
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i cant talk about ontario specifics, but what i know of in general in Canada.

you can get a safety inspection at any mechanic, at any time in the life of your project, best to do it when your car is complete though, or at least drive-able.

any holes in the body that go from outside to the cabin will fail.
bad tires, and glass will fail.
bad exhaust,, lights not working, breaks and suspension items not in good condition will also make insurance companies say "fix it before you get any coverage from us"

if you are restoring it, and not driving it until you are done, you wont need either registration, or insurance, you cant get reg without ins, and you cant get ins without a car in good order.

i cant say anything about emissions as alberta doesnt have regulations on those, but if the government website says under 87 dont need them, then you wont need it, you keep your stance on that if you have any worries about the emissions of your car, or if you dont want to spend the money on a test if you dont need to.
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72 Nova will not need an emission test. The safety inspection will be needed to register it for the road. A transfer to unregistered does not require any inspection. Best to talk to the place of registration to find current rules. They will explain the details for getting the car to inpection.
In Ontario here's how you do it:
I am assuming you have had the car registered in your name in Quebec and is not a new purchase.
Take your ownership to a Service Ontario location. They will change your ownership into Ontario and give you an Ontario ownership you will NOT get plates at this time. You do not need anything else until you are ready to certify the car for road use. You can call your insurance company and place fire and theft coverage if you are worried about those issues. Once your car is finished and ready for inspection you can get a 10 day permit ($15) from Service Ontario. This allows you to drive it to get the safety inspection done at your mechanic. At this time you can again call your insurance co. (I use Lant ins Custom wheel plan). and add liability coverage. Once you have your safety inspection certificate from your mechanic and your liability coverage in place you can now go back to Service Ont. and register the vehicle for road use and get plates. When registering you can register your vehicles in a couple of different ways. You can register as a Historic vehicle (might get you cheaper ins) and get plates that are marked historic but have restrictions as to the use of the vehicle. You can register with Year of Manufacture (YOM) 1972 plates or buy personalized/regular plates that have no restrictions on daily driving use.

I use Lant Ins. (now Haggerty ins.) and pay about $700/year on an agreed value form 19A policy.
You should look into the Silver Wheels Plan

If you have other questions you can send me a PM and I will forward you my PH # or post here. Hope this helps :D
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Thanks a lot for all the information.

Prairie Kid, thanks on the infos on what would fail me the safety... which I think I will... My rear quarter has a 4in slash in it.
69SS454, you are right in your assumptions.

So I guess, I will keep it unregistered until I fix the rear quarter and the exhaust and then use the temporary permit to get it to inspection.

I was planning to use Lant as well. but since it's not registered yet, I am not sure they will insure it. I'll give them a call at that point.

Thanks a lot guys.
if you have a quarter panel hole, i think it will still pass, its mainly any holes that would allow exhaust or anything into the main cabin, or holes that would cause the structure of the car to be unsafe, a quarter panel doesnt do much of that on its own.

but like i said, its best to wait until the car looks as complete as you can make it. many crap *** cars get their safety inspections done on them and pass somehow, so it shouldnt be a problem.

another thing, you may need an out of province inspection, im not sure if they have those in ontario, btu in AB, any car registered out of the province needs an out of province inspection done it before it can be insured and registered here.

if they dont have that, try and see if your insurance company will forgo the safety inspection if you show them the most recent insurance and registration papers. again, here in AB, any car registered within the last year, can be insured and registered without an inspection. quite a few insurance companies do that here, but some dont and its easy to understand why
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if you have a quarter panel hole, i think it will still pass. Nope!:no:

another thing, you may need an out of province inspection. Nope!:no:
Bought my Acadian in Quebec. Just follow what 69SS454 said. You can resgister it as unfit with no plates or insurance. Once you safety it and get insurance, just take the paperwork in and change it to fit.:D:yes::D
Just follow what 69SS454 said.
Holy Carp! I feel like I just snached the pebble from my Masters hand! I'm so proud I think I'm gonna cry.. no.. no.. I promised my self when the time came that I wouldn't cry. This means the world to me. Thank You Old Wise One

Hi Joe

Holy Carp! I feel like I just snached the pebble from my Masters hand! I'm so proud I think I'm gonna cry.. no.. no.. I promised my self when the time came that I wouldn't cry. This means the world to me. Thank You Old Wise One

Hi Joe

I will accept the "Old" part, but the "Wise" part is up for debate.:eek::rolleyes::D:D:D
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