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How much room should i give my yoke to move back and forth on the spline?

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I've seen 2 inches as an option and I've seen 1 inch, how much should I give it?

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I believe 1" out from the bottom out point.
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I believe 1" out from the bottom out point.
Bottoming out is where the yoke is in as far as it goes can possibly go right?
Yep, an inch is usually good. It depends on the rear suspension you have and how well it controls the axle. I've found with the 4 link I have, the yoke movement in and out is relatively small as the rear axle goes through it's normal travel up and down. Less than 1/2". Also, 4 links allow very little axle wrap. Old leaf springs will allow more movement, both axle wrap, and up and down motion. New leaf springs will be better. Add a set of traction bars, and it's even less. If you have an inch, you'll be fine. inch slowly we turn.
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3 stooges?
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