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I would really like to build a engine this year to get me into the low 12,s maybe high 11's (So i dont have to cage my car) But i need to know how much power i need i dont want to over do it but i need enuff power to get the job done. heres the cars combo thus far and an engine idea.

1975 Nova custom.
10 bolt posi 4.11's toms kick a** axles
Cal tracks
subframe connectors (bolted in then welded)
B&M 3000 holeshot converter
Tires are 255/60/15 M/T drag radials
Right now it has a turd 305 i cant even do a burnout now.(probly cuz the cals and tires!:yes:)

So heres what ive come up with for a combo.

1975 2bolt 010-020 block only 60,000mi no ring ridge.

Scat 9000 series lightweight stroker crank 3.75in stroke 6in rods
Scat 4340 I-beam with arp 3/8 capscrews 6in bushed
Howards max effort 2618 forged pistons 10.3 comp ratio
clevite 77 bearings
howard true seal rings

afr 210cc eliminator heads
arp head bolts
comp cams hi-tec stainless roller rockers
Howards .080 wall swedged end pushrods 5/16
comp cams solid roller 242/248 280/286 570/576 2500rpm-6500
comp cams endure-x roller lifters
howards true dubble roller timing set

if i can get low 12's high 11's for less let me know cuz some of this stuff is kinda spendy! But doable.

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I would go with a bit more cam. You could also save quite a bit of change by going to a solid flat tappet and still get better specs than you have listed there. The technology is out there to actually get more "area under the curve" than what you've got listed as well. All-the-while not having to worry about rebuilding the lifters and killing valve springs. :yes: A set of Scorpion rockers are quite a bit less $pendy than the Comp Stainless pieces and are more than capable of handling the task (even if you stayed with the roller).

Then you can put that extra (saved) change into a better converter or carb and make even more of a difference!!

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if all your looking for is a low 12 sec high 11 sec ride then i suggest what im running
its the uyear one crate with vortec heads lists for 3000 bucks runs 12.3 at 110 with a junk 60 foot time of 2.1 and the rest of my setup is really close to yours. im running a 2.5 magnaflow exhaust with hedmond 1 5/8 tube headers and my cars not set up for drag just caltracs and the same tires your running
1974 nova hatchback full interior and no fiberglass 3.73 gears the main dif is im running a tko 5 speed but that 3000 stall should do it just fine
just my thoughts for the power you get its about a great deal
also the company that makes them for year one sells a top end kit heads cam intake combo for 1400

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I'm curious as to why you would build an engine with a $225 crankshaft and $500+ lifters? You could build a high 11--low 12 sec. car with a hydraulic flat tappet cam, and the complete cam, lifters, springs, retainers, etc. would cost less than just the those Endure-X lifters. And you could buy a set of roller rockers for half what those stainless ones cost.
Put that money in the tank and have fun driving!
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