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how many cfm's are required

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I am installing a summit aluminum rad in my 67 and have a turaus electric fan but I am thinking of buying the 14" electric fan and shroud from summit for the rad I have part #sum 381012. It is a 1585cfm fan and was wondering if that is enough for a mildly built 350 sbc. I know the ford fan is commonly used but I like the looks of the aluminum shroud and fan from summit. Any advice would bo great. Thanks
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Get the largest CFM fan you can squeeze in there. :yes:

More CFM can't do any harm on a thermostatically controlled fan, and it'll give you cooling capacity to grow into, or just cool very well anything you currently have.

1585 CFM sounds a bit light, but its efficiency/effectiveness or output all depends on what pressure the fan's CFM rating was tested at.
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