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Hot Rod Power Tour 2013

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Anyone from NC making any plans yet for the Hot Rod Power Tour? Texas to Charlotte June 1-7 2013
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You will have fun! I have done it three times.
I'm going to get on in Chattanooga and go to Charlotte with my little girl. She will be two then but she loves cars and bike so it should be fun.

we are leaving from Durham the Thursday before..gonna try and do the whole thing cars not a show car its a 25footer ,but who cares. it wont be the worst one there..
I've got my reservations made to run from Memphis to Charlotte.:yes:
I'll be jumping in at either Memphis or B'ham and cruisin' on to Charlotte.
Hoping to at least make the Chattanooga stop this year. Of course, right this minute the car doesn't actually run.
Hot Rod Power Tour

Looks like we may be leaving from Charlotte on Wednesday morning after picking up a rider and heading to Arlington. Gonna try to make it a 2 day trip if all goes well. Wife is flying out for the ride back to Charlotte. Looking forward to it!!
when you leaving to go to Texas? Send me a message of your travel plans. There are several from Laurinburg going

I sent you an e-mail. Thanks for the message.
I know I be in Bham Like to find a meeting place

, Later Larry Mc
Looking at lodging options in Chattanooga. The old girl may not be as pretty this trip but there definitely won't be another one just like it. This will my wife & kid's first Power Tour experience.
Coming Soon :turn::turn::turn:
Hope everyone has a safe trip and a good time! Can't make it this year, car not done.
Memphis to Charlotte Power Tour 2013 start point Tampa

My son and I will be on the tour again this year come on by and say hello. The 63 Nova hardtop will be in the garage and the 78 Nova will be on the road.
I finally get to do the Tour. :yes:

I have to work the Super Chevy event this weekend in Bakersfield so I will miss the first two legs. I fly out to Little Rock on Monday to meet up with Richard from Magnaflow and Tim from Tapout to finish out the trip.

I will probably be in a rental car for most of the trip but I don't care. :no:
We just peeled the 4-speed running gear out of my buddies 69 Camaro convertible. Now all we have to do is wait for the freight truck to show up with the new 5-speed and pop it in this afternoon.Then he'll have Power Tour friendly gearing.
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Try this link to get to each days driving instructions.It's after 3 pm. and no tranny! 2013 daily route FINAL 5-21-13.pdf
Rolling out early in the morning to catch up with the tour in B'ham. I had decided to start in Memphis, but a lost order with Vintage Air and an overly long A/C installation set me back a day.
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