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Hi folks,

Well at least now I have more information regarding what is going on with the horns. The horns are functional as I provided 12V to each from battery, and they work.

Apparently what I think happened is the connection in the steering column crapped out, so someone rigged a switch underneath the dash directly from the fusebox. When the magic button is pushed nothing happens. There is 12V hot at the horn relay - leading me to believe that the relay is toast, or the dash switch (which is crazy to begin with) isn't working.

The two red wires and the tan wire on the relay are hot - grounding the tan wire causes the horns to fire.

It seems that my primary problem is in determining where the black wire on the switch under the dash goes. It's too bad that whoever rewired this didn't use a different color wire - then it would be easier to determine what is going on.

So, should I fix the horn properly (within the steering column), or just change out the relay and install a better switch?

Thanks, Tim

Horn Relay pic:

Wire from fuse box to switch:

Switch under dash below light/windshield washer knobs:


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Most of the old horn relays work by completing the ground. If he is pumping 12 to the ground side of the relay, nothing will happen. Check which wire at the relay is suppose to hot and ground the other side.

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This is for my 67 Nova. Other models should be similar. An electrical drawing of yours would be good.

The 2 screw terminals on the relay should each have 12VDC on them all the time. One of them goes to the coil in the relay, the other goes to the internal switch that gets pulled in to supply voltage to the horns.

Mine has 2 spade lugs. One should have a green wire going to it for the horns. The other spade lug should have a black wire to it coming from your horn button contact in the steering wheel.

When the black wire goes to ground, the coil energizes, closing the switch to supply 12V to the horns making them blow.

Find the wire coming from the horn button, ground it, and as long as you have 12V supplied to the relay and the relay is good, it should kick in, you will hear it.
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