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Tell Jim I said 'Hi', take plenty of oil and you may want to check with Big Al first to see if he's got time for one more. :D

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I got my kit ready (what I had).

10Q oil
3Q antifreeze
1pt. brake fluid
jumper cables
extra 12V battery
crapload of Triple-A miles
1G distilled water
girly magazines
toilet paper
ratchet set

Don't have duct tape, plugs, wires, dist. cap, rotor, or other goodies. Can get that on the way back, I hope. But hopefully won't need it this time. :yes: Terry's gonna be riding in the engine compartment and checking the oil in motion. :devil: Please note that I haven't told him this yet..... :no:

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Boy I tell ya it's just raining Novas here in central NC.

Just got a second chance offer on this car for the top bid price.

Our old friend Mrrepodude will be checking it out for me. :yes:

I must be out of my freaking mind. :turn::yes::turn::D

Cheers, Tim
Ho no you did not buy that!!!!!!:eek:

man.. thats a smokin deal imo......


GREEN is the color I amright now!:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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