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holley stealth ram with ez efi ecu?

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hey guys I'm in the process of building a 383 for the 74 ,but not to long ago i decided that id like to have more economy and driveability. I looking to add some type of fuel injection.
At first I liked the idea of TPI but found out the stock setups just aren't suited for stroker without heavy modification first. Upon even more research I discovered that many have used the Holley stealth ram on their 383 with much success. Ive been researching constantly on whats needed for the conversion but one thing always stumps me. The Ecu and tuning involved, loads of info on megasquirt, custom chip burns, etc. It kinda intimidates me.Ez efi has this self tuning ecu, but doesnt control spark. They also have the whole multiport retrofit kit that im sure could go with the stealth ram .

I'm not looking to spend to much for a fi setup up but will consider the best option that is worth the money overall. so here are my options:

1)The stealth ram is my first choice. good low mid-range torque and better than stock tpi high end, to go with this ill hunt down the harness, sensors, and go with the oem 730 ecu.

2)same as above but with a different ecu? ,megasquirt? ez ecu? will this work? only thing stopping me from using a oem ecu is the fact that everyone says they're primitive, chip burns can be expensive, and with other alternatives out there, its not worth it... somebody help me out

3) im not really feeling a tbi setup but theres a craigslist deal in my area for the holley commander 950 pro kit for like 250 with the everything including the tb. with that in mind what about using the commander ecu with the stealth ram?

feel free to chime in with any info,questions, or corrections. sorry if i come off as ignorant or a bit dumb lol
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I've tuned a Commander 950 Stealthram on a 400 in a '66 with a 200r4. Car makes about 450 hp and knocked down a best of 22.5 mpg. Runs over 20 mpg routinely.

I've also tuned my Commander 950 900 cfm tbi on a 383 in a '66 with a 4-spd. Car makes about 420 hp and gets around 15 mpg. It's probably capable of 16+ with more tuning, but won't do much better without an OD trans.

I never tuned efi before either of these. I read the manual and many of the threads in the Chevytalk EFI forum. Not too hard to figure out and plenty of knowledgable people willing to help. The Stealthram was much less finicky to tune than the TBI car. The manual trans makes it tougher too. Drivability and throttle response was awesome on both.

Another option is the factory ecm with embedded lockers by dynamic efi. It will work on MPFI or TBI, can be tuned on the fly, and has a self learning feature for the fuel map. Although I have not tuned one, I suspect it would be a bit less quirky than the C950, and no harder to tune. Price is good too, and the reliability of the factory ECM is hard to beat.
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I am running a HSR and EZ EFI and I love it. It fires up on the first crank and drive-ability is great. My only complaint is that it does not control spark in any way shape or form. In order for EZ EFI to work properly, you need a clean tach signal, usually coming from an MSD box (NOT an HEI tach output or NEG side of coil). If you do not already have those items, they can add up to the cost of a Holley HP EFI unit very quickly.

If I had it to do over again, I would go HP EFI with stealth Ram for the spark control feature, more integrated system, and ability to inexpensively upgrade to LS in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

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