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Hiding plug wires- pics and parts

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Not all that hard really. Get a custom set of plug wires that you can cut to length. Some looms to bolt to oil pan or other secure area.
Plug Boot Heat Protectors, if wires close to headers.
Take your time.

The result is a pretty clean look :cool:

A few pics of the process and results -

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Here is a pic of how I did mine!
Eddie, did you drill and tap the block, or should all 350 blocks have those?
That pic is of my old 327 block, those holes should be on all blocks!:yes: I just built a 355 and did the same thing as this motor with the wires.
Thanks I will check it out! I have the Moroso under header loom kit, but this might be simpler and easier.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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