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My thoughts were, this is a relatively new product when I made my decision to go with the Aeromotive Stealth Gen II. The part looks good and I have heard ok reviews however, it is still just a sump with a pump and a return line or not. It's a great solution for limited space and not replacing your tank but using the PF 4 changed my mind in that if I ever want to go with a blower (which I have in the works for a Vortech), having yet one more thing under the hood including an intercooler will just make the heat sink and space unreasonable for my purposes. The new fuel tank in the rear really takes care of that and it allows me to keep everything looking stock for about the same price as the sump, or within $100+/-. You probably can't go wrong with the sump though. Great idea and no need to revamp your entire fuel system either! Super cool for a retrofit.

Here's what I'm running, as soon as it's delivered...


They also make a 200LPH for a bit less but... big blocks need to eat!

Sorry, their links change almost daily...
aeromotive stealth Gen II tank for Nova - LINK
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