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Hey Boys! Just a newbie from Arizona...

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My 1976 Chevy Nova just arrived a few hours ago, so I thought i'd introduce myself and get acquainted with the forums. I'm a 17 year old from the valley of the sun and i'm happy to say that the Nova is my first car. Originally, I wanted a Plymouth Barracuda, but we all know how that goes... I went to an auction recently and low and behold, there it was. I guess this was one of those "diamond in the rough" moments. Surprisingly, I won the bid for $300. I'm hoping I can find a lot of helpful information on this site for my restoration journey ahead. :)

I know this probably isn't the thread to be posting questions in, but does anyone know how to open the trunk of a 1976 Nova when the lock is gone? The last person to own the car left a bunch of stuff in the trunk, but I can't get to it.
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cool car, my best freind had a 76 nova in high school,brings back lots of memories.welcome to the site.:D
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