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Ok get this.

My '66 has been off the road since the fall of '07 for body and paint.
One of the last things I did before starting the body work was a front end rebuild with all polyurethane bushings, new ball joints, shocks etc. Ever since the front end work there has been a high pitched squeak in the front end. I just put it down to the poly bushings and tried to live with it. (It wasn't easy.)

Any way fast forward to last night. The body & paint are done, the interior is back in, down to last few details. So I decide it is time to investigate this squeak. I crawl under the car and by pushing up and down on the bumper try to locate the annoying noise.

Almost instantly I determine it is coming from the driver's side. However while the noise is very loud, there is no perceptible suspension movement.
I soon realize the noise is coming from up top. Now I'm wondering is it the spring seat? Doesn't seem possible but I can't think of anything else.

Then all of a sudden while leaning oner the inner fender I push down on the car and I spot the problem.

The inner bolts on the shock tower are moving!

Son of a ...
The rear bolt was 3/4 turn loose & the front one was maybe 1/2 turn.

I don't know how I missed that for so long.
It is always the little things that get you.

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:eek: Good thing you found that :yes: A new hood and others things could have been in your future if not.
When I took my 63 front end apart and pulled the springs, it seemed to me that the only things the shock towers do is hold the shock absorber straight up and down, and allow it to move up and down with the spring perch. Because of the way the inner fenders are constructed, I can't see one of our springs blowing through it and into the hood, even with the shock towers gone, unless it was a super heavy duty spring, or the top of the inner fender was severely rusted.
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