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Help with voting!!

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For the second year in a row, the editors of Super Chevy Magazine have picked my 69 Nova to compete for the Best of the Best in the Nova class from Super Chevy Maple Grove. In order to win it, I need your help. Would you mind voting for my car? It's the only 68 or later Nova they picked too!!! Go here,, and you can only vote once per email address. Thanks everyone!!
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Done. You should edit your post because it says yours is a second gen.

Best of luck.
Done. Good Luck.
vote for a 3rd gen?...DONE :D
Done I hope you win. Do all of us that voted get an autographed photo if you win? RICK
Wow nice nova! Happy to vote for the best one there :beer:

Good luck and congrats for even being there!
Done, your lucky, they did not have a orange one! Or you would have lost!!!:devil::devil::devil::devil::devil:
done and i must say gorgeous nova!!!:yes:
Done. Let us know how it ends up.
Thanks everyone! Monday is when the "voting" ends and I find out who won.
I voted for you, Did you vote for me? I just don't know Brian
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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