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Went to Summit in McDonough yesterday to get my axles to finish setting up my rearend and also got the Proform Universal Pinion Depth Kit for $90.

Proform Pinion Depth Kit

While the instructions are pretty straight forward, it doesn't measure from the carrier centerline, and extra calculations are needed to come up with the correct pinion depth, leaving more room for error.

Anybody ever use these, and how accurate are they?

I've seen T&D Machine Kits on that measure from centerline and seem like they'd be much more accurate and easier to use, and also are good for measuring GM, Chrysler, Ford & Dana. Unfortunately , the article didn't say where to get them and I haven't been able to find them online anywhere.

Any ideas where to get them? They're a little more expensive, but from what I read are probably more accurate.
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