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Help! Video inside

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i have this noise ,it appears to me coming from the rear end but may be coming from somewhere else, maybe one of you have heard this before and will know just what it is. it seems to be the loudest when your at cruse or when you coast down, its kinda like a whine. the rear end is a strange dana s-60 type, with 373 gears, the trans is a turbo 400 , large size u joints. all this stuff on the car is new from the fan to the gas tank. so i dont know if maybe the rear end has to break in , i have only put about 250 miles on this car ,if you have any ideas please throw them at me. thanks.
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Hard to hear it in the video over the exhaust. I did hear a howl but hard to tell what it is. Try another video and bring it up to speed then shut down the motor so it can coast down. Might be able to isolate it better that way. Oh and you may want to put some jack stands under the diff housing, if that jack fails or slips you will be going for one heck of a ride.

yeah i know its hard to hear , its not for me cause i know what im hearing, i will try killing the engine tho i didnt think of that , yeah i know about the jackstands, ,you know how it is when your in a hurry, and heck sometimes a wild ride is fun.. thanks for the input . ill see if i can do another vid this weekend..
at this point i dont remember. its been so long ago.. i think i just used regular 90 # plus the anti slip additive . but like i said , thats been quite a while ago. do you think it could be that i used the wrong kind of oil?
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