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I've decided to clean up my engine bay while my engine is out and one of the things at the top of my list is to hide some if not most of the wires in the engine bay. I will be removing the blower motor, heater core, heater core box, wiper motor, and all associated wiper tubes, and wires. I just need some input on what to do with the majority of the wires shown in the pics below. Any input is greatly appreiciated!


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the way alot of people do is to keep as much wiring under your dash including your coil and resister. only having the wires exit through the firewall exactly where you need them, rather than running them in the engine compartment.
all other wires that go to your headlights and stuff go under the fender and along the top lip on the rad support .. its time consuming and tedious work.
when you see someones motor clean of all wiring you sure can appreciate the attention to detail involved..:yes:
check out this thread :

nova66mussl did an amazing job of hiding his wiring(with fuel injection no less:turn:)
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