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Hi all. I need some help.
1972 Nova...
From everything I read either Painless or AAW would be a good choice. But knowing me I will somehow make the wrong choice.

Here is what I have and what I hope to expand to in the future to help me choose.

1. I need something easy to install
2. I dont care about it looking 'stock'
3. I have an electric fan
4. Non AC car
5. I have a Dakota Digital Dash
6. I hope to expand to a Holly EFI in the future
7. Something expandable even if I cant think of right now what I would expand to.

Here are the 2 kits Im looking at. Any advice or maybe one I havent thought of?

1. AAW
Classic Update kit

2. Painless Performance
23 circuit Pro series

Ive never done it before but Im up for the challenge. I just need good directions, good customer service, plug and play where possible ie light sockets, steering column stuff etc.

Any advice at all would be so appreciated!
Thank you all!!

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Ryan, I've used the AAW Classic Update kit you mentioned. I would use it again w/o hesitation.
You will have to buy or rent a couple of crimping tools as the light sockets and most connectors are not attached and require you to crimp the wire ends, (they are a good investment and you will find yourself using them a lot). That is not difficult and allows you to finely tailor and conceal your harness. You will wind up w/ an awesome harness and no butt connectors.
In the past I've used Ron Francis, Centech, Painless and AAW. I'll be ordering from AAW soon for my current project.
You won't be disappointed or overwhelmed.
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