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I am in desperate need of help. Last July I began putting a new front suspension in my 67. All of the parts were purchased from CPP. Along with the suspension I purchased their 400 series steering box. I am happy with everything besides the box. I even purchased a new power steering pump and their shortened steering shaft. The first box was awful. I spent several weeks trouble shooting it with CPP. Tried everything anybody could come up with, no results. This spring I took the box out (pain in the butt) I sent it back to them. CPP was positive nothing was wrong with the box. To no surprise they tested it and said it was faulty. Oh, I should mention I received two faulty pitman arms from them also. So they said they would send me a new box and test it before they sent it. I was very optimistic and excited the new box would work. Put the box back in, terrible!!!

The wheel is super stiff almost as if there is no power steering at all. It also creaks when you turn the wheel. Steering wheel moves by itself. When driving the wheel will not return after a turn.

I have looked all over youtube and all over this website for any insight and have found nothing. The next thing I am going to do is take the bushing out of the steering shaft. A tech guy from CPP told me to take the bushing out of the steering column. There is no binding in any of the steering components and all lines are hooked up properly. The small clamp at the bottom of the steering column at the firewall is loosened also.

Would playing with the steering column wedges/shims offer any relief? We did this last time and it didn't fix the problem. The only thing I can think of is the steering column isnt lined up correctly to the box which could create binding. If so I don't even know how to correct it? There is only one way to mount the steering column to the dash. I would think that angle into the box would work.

I know this is very long but I am in DESPERATE NEED OF HELP! I want to drive my car again!!! :(
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