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i want to build a circuit like the one that most new chevy automobiles come with.

so that all the electrical components stay on after i turn off the ignition, then only turn off when i open the door.

can any one point me in the right direction?

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I found this on the site. If you want fancy diming interior lights, and headlight control look at Painless as stated or Dakota Digital pac-1300.

Radio On Until Door Opened (Retained Accessory Power)

If you wish to keep the radio (or any other device that is powered by an accessory circuit) on until a door is opened, you can do so by creating a latch when the accessory is turned on with the relay shown below on the left, then breaking ground to the latch when a door is opened as shown with the relay below on the right. While this will keep the radio on, the entire accessory circuit will see 12V+ until a door is opened with the key in the off position.

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