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Hello Everyone

Thank you for the warm welcome, “again”. I’d explain but it’s a long story. My ‘64. Well, you asked for it, so here goes. I’m the 3rd owner. It came from an area in British Columbia where it rarely snows. (That’s a big deal here in ??) It’s an unmolested, 3 on the tree automatic that shows yellow crayon production marks on the floor pans and tunnel. It came with a file folder 2” thick tons of receipts and authentic doc’s including order sheet, bill of sale and every oil change and the maintenance work from the original owner. It also came with a 22”x20” photography studio picture of the car when it was new. Story has it, original owner had the picture of his pride and joy hanging in his garage. The 2nd owner drove the car to Edmonton, AB and poured money into the car to a tune of $12K within the past 8 years including a new interior roof liner and new upholstered seats that match the original photos. The file had receipts for mechanical work on all 4 brakes , muffler, shocks, new tail lights, new windshield plus a total engine re-build from top to bottom. 194ci engine rebuild was $2,500 from local shop. There’s no rot anywhere on the exterior body and a bit of surface rust on the driver’s floor pan.The Aqua patina paint is faded on the roof and door panel areas and the red GM primer shows through intermittently. Anyway, I’m real happy I was able to pick it up for a steal. I’m hoping to install a 454 and I just recently switched out the rear end to a ‘67 nova pos-trac. Any of you purists looking for a good quality 194ci rebuild with all the paperwork, pm me ?Thanks for all the help everyone as I make this journey.


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