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hello nova site

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Glen from Brewster ma cape cod
recived my 1968 2 door nova 250 2speed tranny from my brother for my 50th birthday this past april, STILL in the state of shock that he would do this but hes not getting it back. he found it in OHIO at a body shop that was going to drop a 427 in it but they had too much work so they put it up for sale.

its is 90% original it had craigers, found the 5 spoke rallys, put a fm converter, front shocks and had the body mounts replaced, so far I have put about 650 miles on it, it came to me with 35945. look forward to search the site and get ideas and replacment parts thanks for reading

[email protected], work for the local fire/rescue department 26 years
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Welcome to the site. I just joined myself
Thats a great story, your brother sounds like a cool guy to give you that as a bday gift! Sounds like a nice clean original car too!

Welcome to the site from Detroit!
Welcome ,Glad you found Us, Now you are one of us . If there is anything you want to know all you have to do is ask

. Later Larry Mc
Welcome and post some pics! Glad you found the site.:yes:
welcome to the site :D:D:D:D
Welcome to SNS!

Nice present to receive!

You can find answers to all of your questions right here, so ask away!

Post some pics when you get a chance, sounds like a nice ride! :yes: :yes:
Welcome, glad you desided to join in with us.
TO SNS GLEN , :waving:


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welcome im from R.I. good luck with the new project

Welcome to SNS from a fellow firefighter in Illinois. We vacationed in Maine a few years ago and the sea food was outstanding!!!

Enjoy the site and your great nova. I wish my brother would give me cool gifts like that!!!

Welcome :yes: Lots of great people and great cars too.:beer1::beer1:
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