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Hello from Rhode Island

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Hi Peeps, New to the sight which I think is great....but not new to nova's as I'm on my 2nd 72....still have alot of work to do to her...which is hard to do with 5 kids but I make it a family project when I do...look forward to meeting you all and gain additional knowledge. As soon as I can figure out how to post som pics I will.
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Hello from Connecticut, Were always glad to help you out, just ask a question and people will chime in. I have 2 1972 Novas. good luck with yours
Thanks but I what more luck with...keeping the keys away from the wife... the tools away from my 3 yr old trying to help me..
Welcome to the Family :waving:
GLAD TO HAVE YOU WITH US!,,,,,,,,:thumbsup:
Welcome, I also have a 72, built mine from literally the ground up. Had it since 94 about 95+% done now. Need abigger radiator and get my a/c working.

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This is my 2nd 72.. the 1st one I sold becuz of an ex :( picked up this one 3 yrs ago already told the wife she'll go before my car!!!! but wish I still had the 1st one built that one complete with my grandfather.... this one I'm building with my kids and wife
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