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What's up everybody? My pop and I just picked up a 67 2 door post this past weekend at carlisle after a few months of searching. The car right now is set up pretty much strictly for drag racing (nostalgic look), so we're looking to take it to a pro touring setup over the next few years. The body is in great shape and we're looking forward to tearing into her. My background is in EFI and I really love the LSX platform - guess which drivetrain will be in the car soon? :devil: Enough with the rambling, here's the good stuff:

Currently 355ci SBC, high compression but unknown, tunnel ram, holley 750
TH350 w/ 3500 stall, B&M Shifter
Narrowed 9 inch w/ 4:10s and posi
3 link w/ coilovers
Weld draglights all around
8 point cage
Full tub w/ 33x20.5x15 MT sportsmans
Lots of custom sheet metal work inside

Short list of Priorities:
New front and rear chrome bumpers
4" Glass or steel cowl hood, w/ latch
Remove and sell engine
Clean up and prep engine bay
Trim down the tub to a mini tub
Remove narrowed rear for full length 9" or 12 bolt
New rear and front suspension
Gut interior and prep for paint
Buckets out of f-body or GTO
Install stock dash pads and recovered door panels
Convert to rack and pinion
Full carpet interior
LS1 T56 or TH400 install w/ electronics
Primer exterior and prep for paint
Send to body shop to get sprayed

Some current pics:


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Welcome to the site, some sweet airbrushing on your ride too!:yes:
Thanks for the welcome. Someone put a lot of time into the paint, but it's just not my cup of tea. Looking to go with a sunset orange metallica base color. :)
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