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Hello everybody. I got so many things to say but don't know where to start.

Well, my name is Elias. I'm a 20 year old dude with little vehicle experience. My first car was a 93 grand am but my Dad always had told me to Get a Nova if I wanted to know what a real car was like......Well my Dad passed away this past December and this past february I was looking at Classifieds on the internet and I spotted this 1978 fire engine red chevy nova 305 sedan for $2000. I went to go look at it and it ran well so I bought it in my dads memory(besides, it had some kick *** wheels and tires).

I took the car home and when I had time I examined it real well. I opened the hood and WOW, So simple. I saw an engine, no messy electrical wiring all over the place or plastic coverings on anything. It was just steel. For some reason I got real excited because my 93 pontiac was full of **** under the hood that I couldn't fit any part of my arm in it (for this reason I was too overwhelmed to give it a tune up).

Anyways it seemed like the previous owner of the nova only had it for outer looks. It badly needed filters and new motor oil, spark plugs.
Due to the simplicity of what was under the hood I felt confident I could give it a major tune up by myself.

So I went ahead and did all the major tune ups by myself (including the distributer cap). I also put new rear shock absorbers.

Well I took it to emissions testing and it failed, they told me it was running too rich and to take it to a mechanic to adjust the mixtures of fuel and air. So I took it to a mechanic and they adjusted it but they also told me it needed a new EGR Valve. Well I bought a new egr valve an correctly put it on by myself. I noticed a bunch of carbon buildup on the passage ways and just cleaned it up with a brush.

Now before I take the Nova for a third time to emissions I want to do some major work to the engine and carburater and exghaust system.

All in all in the end the car is going to be real nice and I know all you guys will help me along the way.

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Sorry about the lost of your Dad, but glad to see your keeping his passion going. It's cool how much simpler the older rides are, but they do suffer when it comes to being efficient as new Fi cars. They sure are a pleasure to wrench on though. Welcome, enjoy the info and good company.:yes:
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