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Hello and i.d. hubcaps pls.

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Hello name is roonie on here lol
I live in pure chevy all the way. My father was one of the original founders of our local round track back in the mid have been a huge part of my life thanks to my pops. Oh, if you only seen the cars I wish I would have ,should have NOT SOLD he he he. It's all my Dad's fault...and my uncle Jeb...yes Jeb Allen
My pops at the age of 90 stills goes south and brings relics back.
Very cool site here!!!
I am in search of someone that can I.D.
A set of hubcaps for me
so please just tell me where best to post a pic of these ss hubcaps. I've had them in a box for decades.about 40+yrs. Ago .
I did know what they are from but I didn't label them back then and really wish I would have. I do recall a hubcap dude telling me they are super rare...and I think I recall he stated they are off of a 63' chevy2???
Any help would be greatly appreciated on I.d. these hubcaps. Thanks for such a great site!!!
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I found out only 691 V/8 2 door Acadians were built in 1968. What this doesn't tell us is how many of the 691 were super sports. The SS was an option package available for order
on any V/8 2 door coupe. I don't know of any source for 1968 Acadian option numbers. I think our estimate of low hundreds is still valid for super sports.

well, i guess i have more than one option....sell the ss caps or , option #2..,buy a rare acadian and turn it into an ss (clone):LOL:
A 1968 Nova SS currently being advertised on Bring a Trailer has exactly the same SS wheel covers as being discussed here. Owner swapped them out for dog dish, but kept the
originals. 4670 Novas in 1968 had the SS option. So the question now is, are yours Acadian or Chevy II Nova? Pictures of '68 Nova SS wheel covers below.

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They look identical.could it be that the novas had the caps in mention as well? I see a part # on the back of the plastic ss center PC.....there is no # that i can see elsewhere
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