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hello all

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I have been a member on here for a while just reading threads and stuff.
I am on my 3rd Nova build now. I built a 1970 a few years back sorry no pics of it. I recently sold my 1969 nova and Im building another 1970 now.
here are a few pics of my 69 I recently sold. it had a 509" pump gas bbc with a 2 speed glide more of a street strip car.

Here are some pics of the 1970 Im building now. We did a ls3 fuel injected conversion on it with a 4 speed over drive 4l80e. just have a few small details to finish up on the motor swap and then will move on to paint and interior.

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Welcome !! Good to see another Texan on the board. Although I`m up here in N.W. La. I`m a part-time Texan as my son lives in San Antonio, and I`ve got relatives all over the state. I`m also a regular at the swap meets in and around the Dallas area and Houston. This is as you know one of the best sites for info and good times. Peace Dale
Hello and welcome to Steves. Those are some nice looking cars you've got.
Welcome to the family :waving:
Welcome fellow Texan. That was a nice looking 69 you sold. That 70 will be sharp when your done as well. Keep the pics coming.
Welcome, nice looking pair of novas. Hope your 70 turns out as nice as your 69.

JUS' SAYIN' :devil:
I spent about 7-8 years on and off on the 69. This 70 is a rust free car so a lot less work to get it to where I want it. the 69 was always intended to be a street strip car I think im going to try to go the pro-touring route with this one and less straight line performance.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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