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There is a safety issue with the Heidts 62-67 Nova (SC-234) steering shaft kit that replaces the stock shaft in the steering column. When the upper universal joint is installed on the splined lower end of the shaft it is held on with a 5/16" set screw with a jamb nut. When tighened properly there is not a problem with the steering wheel and shaft assembly pulling back and out of the u-joint. If it is not torqued properly it can happen. A couple of days ago it did happen to one of my customers. Luck was with him since he was making a turn in a residential area and going slowly. The wheel and shaft pulled back out of the joint and all steering was lost. He was able to brake and stop without hitting anything.
My sugestion to keep this from ever happening is to remove the lower joint from the shaft, drill a 3/16" deep dimple in the shaft where the set screw contacts it with a 5/16" drill bit. This will allow the set screw to go into the dimple. The u-joint will never slide off as long as the set screw is in the dimple. I would also use some green loctite on the set screw for extra insurance.
Another option woild be drill a 7/32 hole clear through the u-joint and the shaft and drive a hardened roll pin all the way though it as is done on the other end of the joint where it is attached to the smooth 3/4" connecting shaft.
I urge anyone who has this shaft kit in their Nova to do this as soon as possible. Please spread the word to all Nova owners.
If you have replaced your column with a Ididit or Flaming River unit there is no issue with them.
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