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hope fully you got the housing already set up from heidts. this is what it says to do from there tech manuals click on tech manuals its on the second page of manuals. its in pdf . any ways install the link bars with the adjusters to the front into the mounts in the subframe connecters. position the rear axle housing in place and install the bars into the brackets on the housing. use the 5/8-18 bolts and nuts included. assemble the coil springs onto the the shock assemblies and install them into the upper mounts using the 5/8-18 x 2-3/4'' bolts and nuts, and onto the housing using the 5/8-11 x 7" bolts, spacers and nuts supplied. now install the panhard bar using the 1/2-13 x 3-1/2" bolts and nuts supplied. adjust the panhard bar to center the housing. double check the pinion angle. the upper bars will position the housing, and the lower ones will set pinion angle. fine tune the lower bars to set it. assemble the rod ends to 3-1/2'' center to center lenght with the jam nuts on the male rod ends.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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